Many photographers believe they can handle the SEO of their websites. They are sure they can learn most tricks of this trade within a few days or weeks of study. Up to a point, they are right. Everybody can learn the basics of SEO in only a few days. However, the real art, the skill that separates the best ones from the crowd requires years of practice and many failed projects. This article aims to help you gain a better understanding of what SEO consultants do in their work, so that you can figure out the amount of knowledge and experience you need before being able to consider yourself a pro.

The first thing these professionals do in every project they start is a thorough keyword analysis. They have to identify the best keywords to target optimized for photography. This is an extremely important step, as if you choose the wrong keywords, all your efforts are going to be in vain. If the search volume isn’t high enough to allow you get the required level of traffic to be profitable, ranking first won’t do you any favor. Conversely, if you rank for a term with a lot of traffic but without commercial intent, your visitors are going to come and go, without becoming paying customers. The role of an SEO professional is to find the most lucrative terms to target, the terms that are going to bring you the best bang for the buck.

Next, SEO consultants have to do the on-site optimization. They are going to help their clients develop one page for each targeted keyword, and optimize it around the chosen terms. Sometimes, they may even write the content, as they know the best where to place the keywords and how many times to repeat them, in order to increase the chances to rank.

The SEO experts also take care of the off-page optimization. They search for the best websites that could link to the pages of their clients. They write guest articles; they develop linking strategies and tactics, and they always keep an eye on the niches or industries their clients are operating in. They try to find the most authoritative resources and persuade their webmasters to link to the pages of their clients. This is a very difficult and time-consuming work, so there’s no wonder good SEO services are expensive. They have to be, as they involve a huge amount of work.

Last but not least, SEO agencies monitor the rankings of all keywords, in order to assess the impact of each of their actions. They know how to correlate various strategies with the evolution of their positions in the SERPs, thus being able to identify the activities that bring the best results. They also identify activities that harm the rankings, so that they can avoid them in the future.

This is an overview of what SEO consultants do in their work in view of the photogrphy business. If you want to know more details, you can read the blogs of the most authoritative experts in this industry or contact one of the Internet Marketing Consultant for a services quotation.